Thursday, July 16, 2015

ATV Decal Wraps

I've always enjoyed the looks of a nice decal wrap on an ATV and how they can completely change the look of the machine.

Here are some of the wraps I have done on my machines:

This was my 2007 Can Am Renegade 800. This decal kit was ordered off of eBay, it is by AMR and the pattern is called Tribal Flames (please ignore the terrible bumper)



The next machine I did was my 2009 Renegade 800X. This decal wrap was by (sorry, no model number) and was the wrap I was the happiest with. The black plastics were badly scuffed on this machine and the wrap covered them all. The gloss of the decals made the machine look new off the showroom floor and I continue to get compliments when I post pictures of this machine even to this day.



After the Renegade I decided to move to an Outlander and bought a 2011 XMR. I loved the beefy look of the big mud machine but wanted to get rid of the yellow. So I found the tank and side pieces in black but still felt it needed something more and started looking for a wrap.


It looked better in black but the scuffing was bad, it needed a wrap. For some reason I didn't go back to allmotorgraphics and I ended up buying another kit off of eBay. This one is by CreatorX and the name is Cold Fusion.


Overall my experiences with the wraps have been very good. I have had very little issues with decals lifting or peeling. They are very tough and no branch or other object on the trail has managed to damage them much at all although I haven't owned any of these machines longer than one season.

I would recommend wraps to anybody considering one but buy smart. You won't find the best deal on eBay and all three of these wraps were in the $350-$400 range by the time you add shipping and dollar exchange rate (I am in Canada).

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