Thursday, August 20, 2015

Newst Spy Photo of Yamaha YXZ1000

If you haven't had your ear to the ground you may not have heard that Yamaha looks to finally be stepping up to the plate and bringing out the big guns to the pure sport sxs wars.

The Polaris RZR held the "King of the hill" title in this market segment for a long time until Can Am released the Maverick to compete head to head. Arctic Cat has also made a name for themselves with their contender the Wild Cat.

Here is what we know about this machine thus far:

•    It will be called the Yamaha YXZ
•    998cc (safe to assume it will be called the YXZ1000)
•    5 Speed Manual Transmission
•    111 Horse Power

Well the rumors keep swirling and each day a new spy photo is release. Here is today's:

Just leaked today is the latest picture of the new machine, this one appears to still be in the factory getting ready for shipping. The roll bar is missing in this picture as they are typically shipped separately.

Click here if you haven't yet seen the YouTube video

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