Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why buy a Side by Side (SXS)?

I knew it would happen one day, even though I would have denied it to your face. That one day I would bite the bullet and buy a side by side (sxs). I've honestly been annoyed in the recent years with all of the attention that sxs's are getting and have had a secret resentment towards them. I have considered myself a hardcore quad guy and sometimes it feels like the sxs's are stealing the show. Although I have directed my anger towards the manufacturers, I knew deep down it was misguided as they need to "follow the money". And the side by side phenomenon is where the money is at.

I enjoy time on my ATV, that's for sure! I enjoy the nature, pushing the limits, exploring new areas and overcoming obstacles. But all of these are much more fun when the experience is shared with other people.

I know only a couple of riders that ride alone, and everyone of them would rather ride with a friend if they had the choice. For most riders, ATVing is really a social activity.

2Up ATV's have really become a huge part of the market

 As such there is a market to make our rides even more social. Here are examples:
  • Passenger seats
  • 2up ATV's
  • Group rides
  • ATV Rallys
Group ride we did back in March

 And then there is the technology and social media element:
  • Facebook groups
  • Blogs
  • Posting pictures online
  • Bluetooth helmet communicators
  • YouTube videos
Side by sides are just one more way to make your ride more social. It really is a different experience when you can talk to the person right beside as everything is happening.

My wife and I got to experience this for the first time in March on a retreat. Traditionally we have taken two ATV's with us but this time we took my Dad's Rhino.

It was a ton of fun, snow was deep and the ruts kept throwing us back and forth. The branches were tight along side of the trails and kept scraping the side posts and the windshield which scared the crap out of my wife. To be able to see the expressions on her face and and hear her little screams was priceless.
A Can Am Commander with a rear seat and roll cage add on

Most sxs's have aftermarket manufacturers that make a rear seat and roll cage that you can add on, although these are generally not recommended by the manufacturers due to liability issues. This add on allows you the ability to bring an adult and also kids along as a part of the experience and make ATVing a family event.

My 75 year old Dad likes his Rhino better than a quad

Sxs's are allowing many people who would otherwise not be able to ride an new opportunity. Sxs's have full seats which provide back support and keep you in an upright seated position, this is a huge advantage for people with back problems or other health issues. Some people simply can't ride an ATV because of having to swing their leg up and over top of a seat which is another issue that the sxs does not have.

A wheelchair converted Kawasaki Mule
It has also opened to door for people in wheelchairs as hand controls can be adapted for the brake and gas pedal similar to how they do this on cars, trucks and vans.

Sxs's are an evolution in the industry and are here to stay and will help keep the entire ATV industry alive and vibrant. There are many more points I could touch on like how sxs's dump box makes them incredibly versatile for both work and play or how sxs's have many creature comforts that cars have like a roof and windshield but those can be saved for another day.

Ride safe my friends!

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