Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melfort Cross Country Ski Club Trails Review

Located 15 minutes North of Melfort past Gronlid, 2.5kms off highway 6

(Note that maps show directions to where the trails start and are not the actual trails)

We stopped here one summer to do a warm up ride before heading to the Fort a la Corne forest. These trails are your typical Saskatchewan wooded trail, beautiful scenery and wildlife. The trails have great tree cover during a hot afternoon. Some sandy soil and a creek which may be passable only at certain times of year.

There are not enough trails here to keep you entertained for very long. Driving at higher speeds you could cover all the trails in just a couple of hours, but if you are looking for a great nature trail this is one.

Remember: These are ski trails that are open to ATV's please respect the land as it is a privilege for us to ride here. 

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